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Georgia History

This page features articles, photographs, and interesting snippets of Georgia History.

Primary Sources for the Social Studies Classroom

This page hosts a collection of primary sources and engaging ways to use them in the classroom.

Activities and Strategies

This page features instructional strategies and learning activities to engage your students and develop their critical thinking and functional literacy skills.

Educator Spotlight

Read about the exciting things Ryan McCoy is using in his Economics and A. P. U. S. H. class to promote academic vocabulary, historical thinking, and real world learning!

Links and Resources

This pages feature links museum resources , videos, and other useful websites to use in your classroom.

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Happy September!  This month’s focus is on STEM/STEAM Education in the Social Studies classroom. More and more districts are turning to S.T.E.A.M. education as a way to prepare their students...

The Art of Goal Setting and Motivating Reluctant Students

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